Highlights of Uhuru's Mashujaa Day Speech

Uhuru speaks referendum, the Youth and Huduma Namba

President Uhuru Kenyatta arriving in Kisii County for the 11th Mashujaa Day celebrations

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday delivered a fiery spech during the 11th commemoration of Mashujaa Day at Gusii Stadium in Kisii County.

Hallmarks of the President's speech included a rallying call for a constitution change, recognition of modern day heroes of Kenya and a passionate appeal to the youth.

Following his speech, President Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta became the first Kenyans to receive their Huduma Namba sample cards.

Gusii Heroes

President Kenyatta made mention of Gusii heroes who participated in the fight for Kenya's independence, the likes of Paramount Chief Angwenyi Kingoina Gichana, and Senior Chiefs Onsongo Angwenyi, Ooga Angwenyi, Zacharia Angwenyi Ooga, Musa Nyandusi and Assa Onyiego.

He also recognized cabinet ministers, legislators and judicial figures of the recent past; Hon. George Moseti Anyona, M.P., Simeon Nyachae and Justice Onyiego Nyarangi.


In what seemed to be a veiled endorsement of the Building Bridges Initiative report, the President went on to call for Kenyans to be flexible on matters concerning the Constitution.

"Our Founding Fathers and constitutional heroes did not intend our constitutional order to enslave us. They constructed it to serve us. And when it ceased to serve us, we are meant to borrow from the example of our Founding Fathers and rethink it. More so if the National Question of the day requires a constitutional settlement.

"Our country is staring at a Constitutional moment and the national question goes back to the advent of our multi-party system," he stated.

He went on to point out how the country's economy is adversely affected for two years around the election due to the "winner takes all and loser gets nothing" notion.

"One year before every election, the economy shuts down as it anticipates the turns and twists of the election and one year after the election, the economy is still on a go-slow as markets wrap themselves around the emerging political constellations. This means that in every electoral cycle of five years, two years are wasted exclusively attending to electoral matters," the President noted.

The Youth

As he concluded hi speech, President Kenyatta made a passionate appeal to the youth of Kenya to embrace a positive outlook on national matters.

"If our attention goes to the bad and the ugly, all energy will flow to the negative and we will become a nation of angry and disillusioned people. But the young people who will embrace the positive and the possible, will emerge as heroes and ‘makers of things’. A good starting point for our young people is to look for a problem and solve it. If you solve a problem, heroism and success will naturally follow you," the President advised.


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