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After unashamingly carrying her bag made of banana barks you wont believe what Nema did for Hilda

She had to think outside the box, it was time to finally transform her theoretical knowledge to practical skills.

You see after the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) imposed a plastic ban effective from 1st September, it caught many Kenyans by surprise and even greatly inconvenienced others.

Kenyans scratched their heads on how they would carry simple daily items like milk from their local shops and what about shopping from supermarkets, how would they carry them?

Among the people affected by the ban was Hilda who was reporting back to School but because of the ban she had to think outside the box and invent something to act as her usual and trusted polythene bag, it was time to finally transform her theoretical knowledge to practical skills.


So she created her own invention, an improvised bag made of banana barks and boldly walked to town walking from one supermarket to another doing her shopping and minding her own business.

However unaware somebody had taken a picture of her with her banana bag and uploaded it on social media, within minutes she had become an internet sensation with many Kenyans expressing open admiration for her bold move.

Some even intimated she will be the next famed environmentalist, the late Nobel Laureate, Wangari Maathai.

We'll, for her bravery, yesterday afternoon NEMA officials visited her school to dully honor her for her bold environment conscious decision with a brand new NEMA branded school bag.

She was also appointed the environmental Ambassandor.


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