Caroline Mwatha's death exposes serious concerns in present day marriages

Challenges and lessons for present day marriages

Rights defender Caroline Mwatha. Her body was found at City Mortuary on February 12, 2019

As the nation continues to mourn the death of Caroline Mwatha-an astute human rights activist, serious questions have been raised on the manner in which she met her death, shedding more light on the intrigues present day marriages.

According to police records, Mwatha had an extramarital affair with Alexander Gitau Gikonya, that resulted in a pregnancy, a botched abortion and her death.

While it is not uncommon for such affairs to exist, most women would go to great lengths to ensure that they do not get babies from extramarital unions.

Her death has raised serious questions on how men are duped into raising children sired by other men, believing that they are theirs.

Initially, Mwatha’s husband Joshua Ochieng had stated that the pregnancy in question may have been his since he was in the country in August last year and got intimate with his wife.

However, text messages exchanged between the deceased and her lover Gikonya in which the two talked about the abortion that resulted in Mwatha’s death suggest otherwise.

Getting a raw deal

The experience also points to a dangerous trend in which married men and women engage in unprotected sex with other sexual partners, putting their partners at risk.

As a result of such actions, many couples are at constant risk of AIDS, STDs, and pregnancies.

Added to these is the emotional distress that comes with the realization that one’s partner is/has been unfaithful.

The death which resulted from a botched abortion also raises questions on the evil men and women do behind the backs of their spouses.

Had the abortion been successful, her husband may not have known of it. In the same way, many people in stable unions never get to know of the evil and wrongs that their spouses engage in.

It only reveals the moral decadence in Kenyan marriages in which legally wedded couples (some in Church) go to great lengths to hide their wayward deeds.

Getting a raw deal

One cannot talk of the Mwatha death without mentioning trust. Mwatha’s husband Joshua Ochieng had complete trust in his wife and never suspected her of cheating.

In an interview with a local publication Ochieng affirmed that he has“never suspected my wife (Mwatha) of cheating, not in our earlier stages of marriage; and not even recently.”

Unknown to him, while he was away in Dubai toiling to provide for his family, strange things were happening behind his back that would only be exposed by the cruel hand of death.

Similarly, many men and women trust their spouses who unknown to them stray. The consequences is often failed marriages, STDs, AIDS, pregnancies and abortions. Some are however lucky to get away with their deeds.

Not all marriages are a scam characterised by lies, secrets and evil deeds. Some marriages stand the test of time and are founded on love, trust, faithfulness, honesty among other virtiues.

However, it is worth noting that such unions are becoming rare judging by the recent scandals and deaths rhat have rocked Kenya.


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