Gatundu South MP has hit back on Deputy President William Ruto’s claims that Mt Kenya leaders and professionals had met to plot an assassination against him.

Kuria reacted sarcastically to a meeting on Tuesday organised by the DP and involving leaders from the pastoralist communities.

“Yesterday, the Deputy President met the leadership of Northern and North Eastern region for the whole day. I hope they were discussing development and not to assassinate me,” Kuria said on Wednesday.

The Gatundu South MP had in the past stated that the assassination plot claims would mark a political turning point for the country.

This investigation will be the deciding point. There are only two outcomes, if it turns out that CSs sat to plan murder, how can I work with such a government? If it turns out that the DP fabricated the claims, how can I work with people who sit down to plan propaganda,” the legislator said in a past interview.

Kuria has, however, defended Mt Kenya leaders and any other regional professionals to meet and discuss development for their areas.

I am the one who initiated the meetings, including the choice of La Mada Hotel. I coordinated development issues for the region including MPs, senators, CSs, professionals, and business people. There have been several meetings to discuss the development issues in the region”.

I believe it is our legitimate right to sit down and resolve our issues. These are not our personal issues, they are a response to concerns to the ground. I also know Rift Valley leaders, CSs and professionals meet at Weston Hotel and in Karen, same with Nyanza and everywhere else. Strong regions lead to a strong Kenya,” Kuria said.