Chebukati makes final decision on controversial ballot papers tender

Boycott if you wish to

Mr Chebukati stated that the contract awarded to Dubai company, Al Ghurair will not be cancelled.

The IEBC boss noted that the Commission will not bow down to the pressures of the National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders, who have threatened to boycott the elections if the tender is not cancelled.

Chebukati mentioned that the Opposition had been given time to launch its complaints but it had not presented valid information that could prompt cancellation of the tender.

"The position of the Commission is very clear. We have given our reasons and invited NASA to give us theirs. If there are any grounds...any evidence that their allegations are true, then that can be considered.

"so we really have no reason to change," he added.

Speaking on the delegations picked by IEBC to witness the printing and packaging process in Dubai, Mr Chebukati highlighted that the Commission will work with those who were willing.

This he said after NASA and Jubilee declined to send their members to oversee the process.

"There are many Kenyans. There are other stakeholders - civil society, religious leaders and the media. They can be agents...we shall invite those willing to participate to come with us to oversee to ensure the process is fair.

"So we don't really need somebody to work with us but we are reaching out to stakeholders so they can walk with us if there are any doubts. Even if nobody was to come, I don't think it casts doubts on the credibility of the institution because we are within the law in what we are doing.

"We are not supposed to involve all the 40 million Kenyans in the process. Our job is to deliver a free, fair and credible election," Chebukati stated.

On Tuesday, a section of church elders asked IEBC to consider cancellation of the tenders if there were questions raised on the company given the tender.

The clergymen asked Chebukati to consider dialogue over the matter.


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