Traffic commanders hit with new rules on putting Road Blocks

IG Mutyambai rolls out new rules for police road blocks

A police roadblock. IG Mutyambai directstTraffic check points & roadblocks shall only be mounted with express authority of Regional/Formation Commanders

Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai on Wednesday issued a statement announcing new measures that will apply to traffic bosses in the country.

The statement directed that the commanders will be charged with the sole responsibility of approving the setting up traffic check points and police road blocks.

In addition, the Regional and Formation Commanders will now be held accountable for all misconduct conducted by officers in their jurisdiction.

Streamlining traffic management in Kenya

"In a bid to streamline police management of traffic, Regional and Formation Commanders have been charged with the direct responsibility of managing traffic affairs in their commands.

"Traffic check points & roadblocks on highways shall only be mounted with express authority of Regional/Formation Commanders,must be justified & rationalized," the statement outlined.

The statement explained that the initiative is one of the measures in place to improve road safety.

"Commanders will be held accountable for any misconduct by traffic officers which goes unpunished under their commands.

"The streamlining is already on course as can be confirmed by the number of checks currently in place from Mombasa and Malaba," the statement outlined.


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