Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has been ordered to reinstate security detail to Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

The order was issued by High Court Justice James Makau declaring that the legislator had not committed any wrongdoing that would merit the withdrawal of her bodyguards.

"In this petition, I find that there is no evidence of the petitioner having been accused of breaking any law nor has she been informed of any investigation being conducted against her; if any.

"Wahome being an MP since 2013 has a legitimate expectation to be given armed police officers as her security and not to be withdrawn without justification," the judge ruled.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome
Kandara MP Alice Wahome

MP Wahome's armed security detail were withdrawn on January 20 following a notice by the IG which outlined that police officers will no longer guard VIPs who are arrested and charged in court.

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The MP at the time termed the move as unconstitutional and a deliberate endangerment of her life.

"The withdrawal of my security leaves me with one conclusion that my life is in danger and the state is organizing to hurt, injure or eliminate me through security agencies or goons.

"In arriving at the decision, the IG totally disregarded the Constitution and laws in Kenya regarding the protection and security of members of Parliament. The decision was made without any force of law, was unreasonable, whimsical and ought to be quashed," she stated.