Moses Kuria comments on new police order to withdraw security for VIPs

I know who to talk to about that - Moses Kuria

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria comments on new police order to withdraw security for VIPs

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria on Monday weighed in on the new directive issued by police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai.

While addressing the press from the Parliament buildings, the legislator reasoned that the matter of his security is handled by the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC).

"The President recently signed a Bill that sponsors the creation of a police unit within the Parliamentary Service Commission, in other words, it is the responsibility of the PSC to provide security for Members of Parliament," he stated.

When asked whether his own security detail had been withdrawn following the announcement, MP Kuria was not in a position to give a comment.

"I wouldn't know how to answer that question unless I ask the PSC. They are the people who legally, not out of favour, I can ask anything about security detail. But let's move beyond that, wewe unapigwa ngeta kila siku na hatuongei mambo yako (you are mugged everyday and we are not discussing that).

"Why do you glorify us as members of parliament? Why can't we talk about security in general? I want this to be about the insecurity in the country not about me. I walk along River Road alone and I have nothing to fear...let's put focus on the wider insecurity among Kenyans," he told reporters.

VIPs to lose police protection

A statement released by Police Spokesman Charles Owino on Monday outlined that VIPs would lose their police protection should they be involved or suspected of involvement in criminal activities.

"To avoid compromising and demeaning the very essence of which the police is mandated, the NPS shall not provide security detail to VIPs who are involved or suspected to be involved in crime until they are cleared by the courts.

"Those VIPs who are civilian firearm holders shall have their certificates cancelled and weapons withdrawn," the statement read in part.


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