Live TV interview interrupted as Sabina Chege & Susan Kihika get in near physical clash

Dramatic incident

Inooro live TV interview interrupted as Sabina Chege & Susan Kihika get in near physical clash

Inooro TV was on Sunday evening forced to interrupt a popular political show, Kiririmbi, after two of its guest got into a heated clash that nearly turned physical.

Murang'a Woman Representative Sabina Chege had appeared as a guest alongside Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika when they disagreed on the politics of the BBI.

Senator Kihika, a skeptic of the BBI, accused Sabina of hypocrisy for supporting the BBI while allegedly fighting Deputy President William Ruto.

"Sabina you started talking about hypocrisy. However, it is ironical that you can talk to us about unity yet last week you did something that shocked everyone. You are also a coward because you signed that Ruto be impeached but you did not appear at the press conference," the Nakuru Senator stated.

The statement did not go well with Sabina who protested that the Senator was lying and challenged her to show where her signature was listed.

"No no, I did not give my signature at all. These people have formed a habit of telling lies and she must either show where she saw my signature, if no this interview will come to an end...On that day I was busy chairing the parliamentary committee on health to find answers on coronavirus epidemic," Sabina protested.

The clash forced the show's moderator to switch off the microphones and proceed to a premature break as the shouting match degenerated into a near-physical fight.

The two parliamentarians belong to two opposing political camps with Sabina being supportive of President Uhuru Kenyatta while Susan is a close ally of DP Ruto.

Here is the video, courtesy of Inooro TV (heated moment starts at 1:21: 00):


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