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Insiders spill the beans on Pastor Ng'ang'a's life as a hardcore criminal, two decades in prison and his controversial millions

Details on Ng'ang'a's criminal past and controversies emerge

Apostle James Maina Nganga

New details have emerged on the life of controversial preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a, his involvement in crime which saw him spend close to two decades in prison and how he made his millions in controversial circumstances.

According to a documentary aired on Sasa TV, the controversial preacher “received Christ” during his time in prison, thanks to a man who came to minister to prisoners led him to salvation.

His first brush with the law was when he was sentenced to six months in jail in 1972 when he was 18 years old.

The stint behind bars saw Ng’ang’a in his own words get “recruited into hardcore crime” that would see him spend close to two decades in Prison until 1992.


“Then for the next 20 years, I was in and out of prisons. For 20 years, between 1972 to 1992, only thrice did I celebrate Christmas as a free man,” he said in an interview.

Armed with a Bible, a smooth and convincing tongue, Ng’ang’a who was then a handcart pusher hit the street of Mombasa to ‘spread the Gospel’ and founded Neno Evangelism Ministries.

His sermons which are punctuated with exorcising of demons from believers saw him win souls and his ministry grow tremendously, prompting him to expand the ministry to Nairobi.

He left the Mombasa branch in the care of Robert Wafula, who was until recently one of Neno’s three bishops before he quit to start his own ministry in Mombasa after falling out with the controversial preacher.


Troubled marriage, making millions and controversies

With the thriving ministry came cash-lots of it that saw the Ng’ang’a begin living life on the fast lane, rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty and becoming a popular face in TV sermons.

The success of the ministry also put his second marriage on the line as claims of violence and unfaithfulness on the part of the preacher began making headlines.

The kind of a man Ng'ang'a is depends on who you ask. To his faithful congregants, he is a man of God at a higher spiritual level whose words and actions cannot be understood by ordinary men.

To outsiders and those who have left his ministry, he is a man who needs psychiatric help at best, and a criminal to some who allege that the exorcism sessions are often choreographed.


As his fortunes grew, so did his arrogance and ego.

Three years ago, the couple had an ugly exchange at a family court in Nairobi as the wife wanted out but the issue has since been resolved according to Ng’ang’a.

His name began featuring in criminal investigation proceedings after he allegedly knocked and killed one Mercy Njeri.

Witnesses alleged that the preacher who was driving a red Range Rover Sports car appeared drunk at the time of the accident, with allegations of police trying to cover up the incident surfacing.



Those who know him well also say he became more careless with his words, hurling insults at the congregation from where he minted his millions, threatening his bishops and living a controversial life of luxury with media reports indicating that the preacher was into alcohol use and claims of infidelity surfacing.

His latest series of outbursts paint the image of an arrogant man whose lifestyle, controversies and words contradict the teachings of the Bible.

The preacher was captured in a recent video parading women to inspect their handbags and embarrassing a 48-year old woman who was modestly dressed.


In yet another video, the pastor threatened to that has put him on a collision path with many, the pastor threatened to close/block/tie up the manhood males within his congregation.


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