Jared Otieno was charged with fraudulently receiving Ksh300 million in fake gold transaction.

The court, on Tuesday, directed that Mr Otieno together with fifteen other suspects should remain in custody pending their bail ruling on May 27.

Last week, Otieno told the court he was not part of the 15 suspects detained in connection with Ksh400 million gold scam.

Through lawyers John Ayuo and Stanely Kangai, Otieno objected to an application by the state to detain him for 14 days, saying the current probe emanated from a loan transaction.

Fake gold suspect Jared Otieno in court with others

Defrauding the royal family in Dubai

Ayuo told the court there was no link between Otieno and 15 suspects who have been detained in connection with defrauding the royal family in Dubai.

We urge the court to release the suspect on bail because he is ready to abide by all conditions that will be set by the court and cooperate with investigators,” lawyer Kangai argued.

Investigation officer Felix Karisa told the court that on May 8 and February 25, a foreigner by the name Southern Chanthavong from Lao, who deals in the buying and selling of gold, was lured to a house along Kaptei Road.

Fake gold suspect Jared Otieno with others in court

During the transaction, the said complainant lost Ksh300 million after he was duped that the items he bought were genuine gold,” he said.

The court further heard that Otieno was linked to fraudulent activities relating to fake gold.

The DCI conducted a raid on the house in Kaptei and arrested 15 people who were linked to the fake gold syndicate.