Jeff Koinange bashed as Kenyans heap praises on Governor Lonyangapuo

The real JKL tramps Jeff on JKLive

Jeff Koinange bashed as Kenyans heap praises on West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo after live interview

Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange is facing public outrage following his Wednesday night interview with West Pokot Governor John Krop Lonyangapuo.

The interview that has cast the Governor in good light with members of the public, apparently brought out the worst of the journalist.

Viewers of the interview called out Mr Koinange over disparaging terms he used to refer to the people Prof. Lonyangapuo represents.

The Citizen TV journalist repeatedly referred to the people of West Pokot as "primitive" and "cattle rustlers" despite correction from the Governor.

One of the commentators noted: "Jeff Koinange doesn't have any background of West Pokot, he seems to have a fixation with Cattle Rustling. He is as clueless as the whites who think Africa is a black county/ continent."

Addressing the question on insecurity, Governor Lonyangapuo noted that he only requires one bodyguard when he is out of his office and touring his county contrasting himself with other governors who "travel with police stations."

Governor Lonyangapuo's precise responses to the journalist's questions have earned him respect from members of the public who are now hailing him as a good leader.

When asked about the political factions that seem to be aligning themselves ahead of 2022, "Tanga Tanga" and "Kieleweke" the Governor responded noting that it was too soon to start such campaigns.

"It is June 2019, the Presidentcame to power around November 2017. That means that we are approaching the end of 2 years in power and we have 3 years remaining.

"Any such discussions should begin at the end of 2021 when we can all see what the MCAs, the MPs and the Governors have done. Such discussions should cease with immediate effect," he advised.


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