I'm not in hiding - JKUAT Student leader speaks out, issues 3 demands

 JKUAT has been closed indefinitely 

JKUAT Student Leader Clinton Osoro

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student leader Clinton Osoro has quashed reports that he went into hiding, following demos that were staged by students leading to the indefinite closure of the university.

Speaking to Kiss 100, Osoro stated that the only three reasons would make the students go back to class:

“If they are assured of their security, (haturudi kwa class mpaka we see police patrol around the school)

"Two, we want floodlights installed at gate B and gate C. Three, we want to see Police patrols hizo sides za Gashororo, silo one na Silo two," Osoro said.

Insecurity incidents at JKUAT

Osoro, who is the JKUSA (students’ governing council) President explained that before the demos, they exhausted all avenues of dialogue and boardroom meetings, trying to solve the insecurity cases but nothing changed.

“There have been lots of cases of stubbing students. Wanafunzi wamekuwa wakiibiwa na kudungwa visu. The complaints around Juja are that if you are a student and walking around those sides unahofia maisha yako. Ilifika mahali ambapo wanafunzi wakasema enough is enough and we need to make sure that every stakeholder who is concerned is aware that the state of security is not good. We have raised all this concerns of insecurity and they kept telling us that they are working on it. And when you go back to the student, you tell them that and they are being stubbed, they will just decide by themselves to go to the streets"

"A lot of the insecurity is happening outside JKUAT, coz JKUAT can accommodate around 30% of its population, 70% wanaishi nje so we have shortage of accommodation which the university and the government should work on. There are places outside JKUAT that are hot spots ya hizi crime, like Gate B, Gashororo, kwenda mpaka silo 1 huko. This places people pretend to be Boda Boda riders, wengine kama Juja Business community and yet ni heroin addicts na thugs wanaibia na kustub wanafunzi and even rape our fellow comrades”

He added that; “There is something going on social media that I am in hiding, I am not in hiding, I don't have any reason to hide, where I am is simply that I am somewhere safe, like everyone. Right now as we speaks I have been texted by someone form KNH ameniambia that they have had a number of students who have been severely injured, mmoja has a spinal code injury, mwingine ako na head injury amepoteza speech na kuna wengine walikuwa na minor injuries”

IG Hillary Mutyambai's statement

His statement comes at a time, when Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has ordered immediate investigations into incidents of police brutality that were witnessed at JKUAT.

"Our attention has been drawn to a video clip circulating on social media platforms of police officers applying what appears to be excessive force on a student of JKUAT. Following the unfortunate incident, the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) has been directed to commence investigations and make recommendations for action within 24 hours," the statement read in part


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