Joho reveals major challenge Mombasa county is experiencing in containing Coronavirus

We can take care of you, allow us - Governor Joho

Governor Hassan Joho reveals major challenge Mombasa county is experiencing in containing Coronavirus

Mombasa County is the number two county with a high number of Coronavirus patients in the country with 67 recorded cases so far and at least two reported deaths from the disease.

Governor Hassan Joho on Thursday revealed the major challenge his county is facing in containing spread of the deadly virus as lack of cooperation from suspected Coronavirus patients.

The Governor appealed to those who have symptoms to accept help from the government instead of refusing to speak with Covid-19 hotline operators.

"We are doing everything that we can...but let me assure you out there because I have heard of instances where people call our hotline numbers saying they suspect they are patients but when we pick their numbers they refuse to cooperate. Let me assure you that we are ready to take care of you," he stated.

Don't be ashamed of being positive - Governor Joho

Governor Joho went on to entice those who suspect they may have contracted the virus with promise of a special diet in isolation centres and top notch equipment.

"We've developed a different kind of menu for our Covid-19 patients, so don't be on your own. It is not a shame to be Covid-19 positive! You can be treated, you can be looked after so that eventually you go back to your home and live your normal life. So please, you who are out there, we are doing everything we can, we are doing our best to make sure our facilities are adequate to look after you but you also must help us.

"When you get symptoms, or when you realize that you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive or you were around people who have tested positive, the right thing for you to do is to come forward," the Governor pleaded.

Governor Joho made the remarks during the opening of a 300-bed capacity isolation centre.


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