Caroline Mwatha's husband speaks on alleged abortion that killed his wife

He also admitted that the said baby could have been his

Dandora Community Justice Centre founder member Caroline Mwatha Ochieng who went missing on February 6, 2019 (Twitter)

Joshua Ochieng', the husband of the deceased Dandora activist Caroline Mwatha, has spoken out on allegations that his wife procured an abortion that led to her death.

Mr Ochieng' has strongly refuted the claims saying that he knew his wife very well and an abortion could never have been an option for her.

"Why would she wait for five months to abort a baby? I really doubt the police report [claiming that she had an abortion]. I have known my wife for over a decade now – and I think I am certain of her character.

"I know what she can do, and what she can’t do. Abortion is the last thing she would procure," the man asserted while talking to reporters.

The baby could have been mine - Mr Ochieng'

The bereaved spouse further noted that in any given case, he is certain that his wife did not have an extramarital affair.

"And, even if she was pregnant, it could as well be mine. Why? Because the last time I was in Kenya was in late August last year, and we got intimate.

"If you do your calculation, then the 5-plus months pregnancy that police are alleging could as well be mine. But, what I am sure is she wasn’t pregnant," Ochieng' explained.

He added: "I have never suspected my wife of cheating, not in our earlier stages of marriage; and not even recently."

Caroline's father also dismissed the claims of a botched abortion as a fabrication to cover up the real cause of his daughter's death.

"Most likely, police have fabricated the narrative. A five-month pregnancy isn’t something you can hide. And, my daughter was very open with me.

"Had she been pregnant, she would have told me. Which kind of an abortion is conducted by deeply cutting the thighs, pricking the abdomen and stabbing the neck?" Mr Stanlaus Mbai quetsioned.


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