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Dramatic twist in the Kakamega twins saga as fathers speak out for the first time

Families meet amidst tension, reveal what next for Melon, Sharon and Mevis

DCI to go after Kakamega Hospital in twins swap saga

The Kakamega twins saga that has not been short of drama has taken yet another twist with the fathers to the three girls speaking out for the first time days after the girls were taken into police custody.

Sharon Mitekwa and Melon Lutenyo (identical twins) were taken in to police custody alongside Mevies Imbaya and her mother Angeline Omina.

Amidst the drama and the tension, the fathers of the three girls who have dominated news in recent days have moved in to diffuse the tension, revealing the way forward.

Wilson Lutah Maruti (Mevis's father) and Richard Lukokha (father to Melon and Sharon) revealed that the two families had met and to resolve the saga.


The two revealed that they had resolved to respect the wishes of the three girls and would not separate them.

“As parents of the girls, we would like to see our children live together and continue with their studies uninterrupted. We want the girls to be together because that is their wish,” Lutah stated.

“As families, we are consulting on how best to go about the issue and things are working out positively,” he added.

The two revealed that the girls would be back in class on Monday, adding that a Christian organization had offered to pay for their education.


“We have made all the preparations to ensure they are back in class on Monday. We want to give them an opportunity to settle down and continue with their studies.” Lukokha stated.

Kakamega twins taken into police custody

Drama ensued on Thursday after Angeline Omina, the biological mother of Mevis, who was brought up with one of the twins, forcefully took her daughter.

Police moved in swiftly and took her in along with the twins to contain the situation.


“Yes, we held the three girls and one of the mothers at our station in Kakamega. And, we did this to ensure their safety, given tensions were simmering between the two families. Ignore rumours that we arrested them; no, we only put them in safe custody,” Kakamega County Police Commander Bernard Muli confirmed.

Prior to the DNA results being released last weekend, the girls had pledged to continue living together in peace and not allow it to separate them, but judging by recent happenings, the relationship between tem could be affected by the unfolding events.


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