MP in court after Sh1.2M property was destroyed

Millions lost, county officials involved

Kangema MP Muturi Kigano moves to court after Sh1.2 million billboard was destroyed

Kangema MP Muturi Kigano has moved to court following the destruction of a billboard valued at Sh1.2 million.

The MP accused Mr Kuria Thuita, a senior Murang'a County official who was later arrested and arraigned in court to answer to charges of destroying the MP's property.

Mr Thuita, who was arraigned on Wednesday, denied the charges adding that it is not only Kigano's billboard that was pulled down but all billboards in the county.

The county official, who was represented by five lawyers, further added that he had acted under instructions from the county administration.

"The complainant, MP Muturi Kigano, wants the court to protect an illegality in the first place. The Election Act gives a deadline for the removal of the campaign materials," his lawyers stated.

The prosecution sided with the MP adding that the defence had not collected enough evidence to merit dismissal of the case.

"The defence has not laid reasonable grounds to warrant the court [to stop] the plea. I have instructions from my senior to commence the case after carefully perusing the file.

"The accused is facing a criminal charge, an act he committed himself and as to whether he did so as a result of his office, those are matters that can be raised during the trial," the prosecutors argued.


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