KDF soldier crash lands while performing Madaraka Day aerial maneuvers

The KDF paratroopers are officially known as the Green Eagles or ‘death from above’.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during Madaraka Day celebrations at Jomo Kenyatta Stadium in Kisumu

A member of Kenya Defence Forces paratroopers was injured after crash landing at the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium during the Madaraka Day celebrations.

According to pictures from the scene, the soldier who was flying the KDF flag was unable to get up by himself and called for help from his colleagues and fast responders at the stadium.

A group of medics rushed to the scene to help with a stretcher in tow as an ambulance was on standby to take him to hospital.

The KDF paratroopers who are officially known as the Green Eagles or ‘death from above’ were part of the Madaraka Day celebrations in Kisumu. They are part of the special forces.

Special Forces are military teams trained to carry out high-risk, unique tasks such as counter-terrorism operations, which may entail hostage rescue at times.

KDF Special Forces rely on paratroopers since they may be dropped practically anywhere, including deep behind enemy lines, to carry out dangerous tasks like sabotage and demolitions, as well as entering an opponent's stronghold.

The 20 Parachute Battalion, stationed in Gilgil, forms the backbone of the country's Special Forces activities.

KDF’s 1st Independent Parachute Company was composed of 200 soldiers who were specially trained in Royal Air Force Base, Abingdon.

Paratroopers have been used in security operations such as ending the Shifta war, stemming the Ngoroko gang and flushing out Ethiopian rebel groups in Moyale.

The parachute experts are organised in 20 companies or units which include a ranger strike company (The Rangers), a Special Force Company, a Support Company, a Headquarters Company and an independent Parachute Training School.


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