KeNHA steps in after hours of traffic snarl up along Thika Road

Difficult day for motorists

Traffic snarl up along Thika Road on Saturday August 22,2020

Saturday morning saw motorists using the Thika Superhighway experience a heavy traffic snarl up.

Motorists were caught in a grid lock at the area around the Garden City where woks are underway to erect a steel deck.

Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) officials were forced to intervene when traffic slowly ground down to a halt.

Motorists took to social media to alert other road users on the situation which last for about three hours.

"Traffic flow has been restored on both sides of Thika Superhighway at Garden City. We thank motorists for their patience and cooperation with traffic marshals at the site," a brief from KeNHA read.

While speaking to reporters, Kenha Director-General Peter Mundinia explained that the particular bridge needed extra precaution during installation.

"This particular bridge was a bit more delicate because it’s a girder Bridge ( 2 no. Girders joined with bracings)… transportation and hoisting, therefore, took longer than anticipated. By morning we had reached a point of no return… so we had to finish up," he stated.

KeNHA has further reminded motorists to use alternative routes as the works will continue until Tuesday August 25, 2020.


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