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American couple fights DCI over guardianship of their Kenyan child

American couple fights to get son who was taken from their home

Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini

A Kenya based American couple filed to have their son produced in court after he was taken by police in the Nairobi home.

Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini say that unknown people who identified themselves as the police raided their home and abducted the minor from their residence in Westlands on April 5. 

The family sued the Children Welfare Society of Kenya, the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General claiming the three have refused to disclose the whereabouts of the child.


The child named Kiano was discovered by a gardener in January 2016 in a plastic bag together with his twin brother who died.

Son's medical history

Meanwhile, Daisy had landed in Kenya for volunteer work where she met a six-month-old baby named John, whose health was severely in decline.

The couple paid for his nearly two-week hospital stay – with one full week in ICU to treat problems with his breathing, pneumonia, and malnutrition.

They continued to fund for his medical bill and eventually applied for and were granted legal guardianship of baby John by the Nairobi Children's Court in April 2017.


Kiano still suffered from a complex medical history with epileptic seizures. At one point in 2018, doctors placed him into a medically induced coma after a continuous six-hour seizing episode.

Seeking specialized treatment

Matt and Daisy petitioned to travel abroad to seek urgent medical care for their son or possibly risk long-term damage or developmental delay after Kenyan doctors and an American specialist reviewed Kiano's case.

However, this would not happen as accusations of abuse, fabricated medical reports, and child trafficking alleged by the Child Welfare Society of Kenya were thrown at the family.

The American guardians want the court to issue a rescue order for the minor to be rescued from the respondents.


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