Kenyan hospitals may soon run out of ICU beds

Covid-19 challenges

Medics attending to intensive care unit (ICU) patients

Concern has been raised over possible filling of intensive care unit (ICU) beds in Kenyan hospitals due to increase of people testing positive for Covid-19.

Health Director-General Patrick Amoth said the procedures needed for ICU patients are complex and time-consuming.

He added that “if the numbers of those in need of critical care go up, we will not be able to have the adequate numbers of the healthcare worker to offer this service.”

Data from the Health Ministry also indicated that 78 of the 225 coronavirus patients who had been admitted to ICU died.

Battling Covid-19

Experts say patients who recover after ICU may have to deal with long term disabilities such as muscle wasting, organ and brain damage.

Covid-19 patients who spend time in the ICU are prone to physical, cognitive and even mental health problems after discharge, according to studies.

Researchers say once they find out what might be causing long-term symptoms, they can start targeting treatments to help patients feel better.


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