Senators leave nothing to chance during emergency sitting on corona virus

Some Senators were locked out of the debate chamber

Kenyan Senators leave nothing to chance during emergency sitting on corona virus

The Senate on Tuesday resumed its sittings after adjourning earlier in March as a precautionary measure meant to prevent spread of corona virus.

On Tuedsay, it was a sitting like no other as Senators did not leave anything to chance in their efforts to prevent themselves from the highly contagious disease.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka entered the debate chamber at 2.30, clad with a face mask which several other Senators wore - only removing them to make their speeches.

Only 28 Senators allowed

Only 28 Senators were allowed into the debate chambers while the rest were locked out and directed to follow the session from the visitor's lounge.

The limitation was aimed at enforcing the social distancing space which meant no two senators could sit on seats adjacent to each other.

The security team at Parliament also enforced a directive requiring all Senators to wash their hands and sanitize before being allowed into the chamber.

Unlike other sessions where members are served with tea and snacks, only water was served in the Senate.

The Senate is expected to debate and pass the Division of Revenue Bill (DoRB) 2020 which will assist the government release funds for fighting the corona virus disease and other expenditure.


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