The Kenyan Senate has kicked off debates on security of data provided by application users in Kenya.

In a statement presented by Nominated senator Iman Falhada Dikow on Thursday, Senators specifically pointed out the video sharing Tik Tok app as an area concern.

The app has been facing global backlash over how the data provided by its users is utilized and protected.

"Standing committee on information and technology to work with other government agencies to come up with policies and legal framework to ensure safe usage of such applications and safeguard the metadata of Kenyans that is being collected by the TikTok application.

Kenyan Senators raise data privacy and security concerns over Tik Tok, other social media apps
Kenyan Senators raise data privacy and security concerns over Tik Tok, other social media apps

"There has been a serious allegation against the application on the issue of data privacy. The application gathers information on the user’s country location, internet address and type of device if allowed. It will also ascertain the user’s exact location, contacts and other social media network connections as well as age and phone number," Senator Dikow pointed out.

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The Senator further suggested that the application is using information collected from users to create profiles that are sold to advertisers in order to create messages tailored to the specific user's interests.

Other Social Media Apps

Senator Isaac Mwaura added that the scrutiny on Tik Tok should apply to all other social media apps as well.

"It’s not right to say that only one app from one specific country has issues with the privacy of data. The same issue also includes other applications such as Facebook, Twitter and others… But let’s not let this be another way of seeing a trade war like that witnessed between iPhone and Huawei in the United States," he stated.