Kenyans impressed by this video of Americans reciting Kikuyu prayer “Ngai Thai”

Kenyan prayer used in Black History month

Kenyans impressed by video of Black Americans reciting Kikuyu prayer “Ngai Thai”

Kenyans on social media have been impressed after a video emerged of Americans reciting the traditional Kikuyu prayer, “Thai Thathaiya Ngai Thai" (Worship and exalt God).

The video was posted by a group of African Americans as a celebration of Black history month which started on 1st of February and will go on till 28th of February.

The Black History month celebrating the culture of Africans in the diaspora and in reconnecting with their motherland – Africa.

One group, referring to itself as Mount Kenya Prayer ark wrote a prayer inspired by the traditional Kikuyu religious practices where they pray facing the Mt Kenya.

The prayer also includes the phrase “Thai Thathaiya Ngai Thai” which denotes praise and exaltation in Kikuyu language.

The Mt Kenya prayer group said the prayer is referred to as St Michael, an African American who came up with the idea after visiting Africa,

We have broken silence to intervene with global matters by summoning the African Diaspora to perform the ancient ritual at the mountain through the Mt Kenya Prayer Walk.”

The 12 Seers are the ancient "Crisis Intervention Team" of the African tribal society who watch the stars and nature in order know of impending danger. They also guard the ancestral knowledge and artifacts (Ancient Scrolls and Tablets) passed down for thousands of years,” the group says on their website.

Wanja Michuki

Former Cabinet Minister John Michuki’s daughter, Wanja Michuki, is one of those who have previously participated in the Mt Kenya Prayer Walk – a traditional ritual performed by Kikuyus in the pre-colonial period.

My Journey of Fulfillment is a spiritual one and circumventing Mount Kenya and stopping in 7 places to pray facing the mountain was truly impacting and deep in a way I can’t quite explain with words. What I loved is that everyone offers their own personal prayers and so my communication with God energy, Ngai, the God of my ancestors (and Moses and Abraham) was personal and direct,” Wanja said of her experience last year.

Here is the full prayer:

Thai Thathaiya Ngai thai

Today we have come

under the sun Facing Mt. Kenya

Together as one

standing as one

chanting as one

 Now let peace come

thru the power of one

let freedom come let healing come

let unity come

to the black nation

for the slain ancestors

of the black nation

we'll never forget

their devastation

the pain and the torture

the rape and the slaughter

for the sons and the daughters

of all the Maafa

let justice come

 when the earthquake come

when the waters come

protect the black nation

retribution come

when the fires come

when the winds come

protect the black nation

break the control

of the chains of my soul

from lies that were told

as we open the scrolls

Elders open the scrolls

Kenya open the scrolls

Generations behold

now truth will unfold

let knowledge come

higher guidance come

understanding come

unto all nations

12 elders come

chiefs and judges come

for the resurrection

of the power of one

let the black king come

let the black queen come

for the resurrection

of the power of one

 let us speak in one voice

to the beat of one heart

let us live in one mind

hear this prayer divine

Thai Thathaiya Ngai

thai Thai Thathaiya Ngai thai

Thai Thathaiya Ngai thai


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