Kenyans triggered after Kabogo's early morning tweet

Kenyans venting

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo

Vocal politician William Kabogo struck a chord in the hearts of tweeps after he posted two photos of how busy roads are with Kenyans going to earn a living only for their taxes to be misused.

The Former Kiambu Governor expressed his displeasure at how Kenyans were being treated despite working hard to make ends meet.

"Kenyans headed to work, 6:00 am only for their taxes to be stolen. Very unfortunate," the former County boss remarked.


Barely two hours later the tweet which was posted on Tuesday morning garnered, over a hundred comments from tweeps who expressed their disappointment by the government.

KOT questioned why leaders lie about stolen funds yet the monies allocated for several projects does not show any fruition.

Here are some of the tweets, in response to Kabogo's post


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