Kenya lifts mandatory Covid19 quarantine for Tanzanian visitors

The move is meant to appease the Magufuli gov't which has taken drastic measures against Kenya

Kenya's Ministry of Health, KCAA lifts mandatory Covid19 14-day quarantine for Tanzanian visitors

The Ministry of Health and the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) have lifted the mandatory 14-day quarantine for Tanzanians visiting Kenya.

The move is expected to appease the Tanzanian government and end the diplomatic row that quickly escalated with President John Magufuli taking rather disproportionate responses.

Tanzanians were required to be placed on forced quarantine after President Uhuru Kenyatta allowed resumption of commercial local and international flights.

Tanzania responded rather drastically by immediately banning Kenya's national carrier Kenya Airways from entering the Tanzanian airspace.

"Tanzania has noted ... its exclusion in the list of countries whose people will be allowed to travel into Kenya. The Tanzanian government has decided to nullify its approval for Kenya Airways (KQ) flights between Nairobi and Dar/Kilimanjaro/Zanzibar effective August 1, 2020 until further notice."

"This letter also rescinds all previous arrangements that permit KQ flights into the United Republic of Tanzania," Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCCA) Director General Hamza Johari said in August.

TCAA subsequently banned three more Kenyan airlines from entering Tanzanian airspace - Fly 540, Air Kenya Express and Safarilink Aviation.


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