Keroche billionaires hire James Orengo as they seek murder charge for Omar Lali

Omar Lali says he is being coerced take blame for an accident

Keroche billionaires hire James Orengo as they seek murder charge for Omar Lali over Tecra Karanja's death

The family of Tabitha and Joseph Karanja, the billionaire owners of Keroche Breweries, is keen on pushing for murder charges against their late daughter's boyfriend Omar Lali.

The family has already hired top city lawyer, Senior Counsel James Orengo to represent its interests as the DCI conducts further investigations into the matter.

A post-mortem done of Tecra Karanja showed that she died as a result of head injuries but there is yet to be consensus on whether the fall was accidental or she was pushed to her death.

Orengo, who was present during the post mortem, insisted that the injuries came from a pushed fall while the lawyer and pathologist representing Omar Lali's interests insisted the fall was accidental.

Tecra's body did not have injuries that suggested a struggle before her fall that led to her death after spending five days in hospital.

Omar has complained that there is a deliberate effort to blame him for a bad accident that allegedly happened while he was asleep.

They told my brother to tell me to confess to punching her and that once I admit this as a formality they will help me get out of jail,” he complained

He insists that he was in love with Tecra and did not have any reason to kill his lover with whom he spent the fateful night of April 28th.

The two had been drinking but Omar says he went to sleep first and was awakened by a loud thud that was followed by a scream.

He later established that it was his girlfriend who had fallen off the stairs of the luxury cottage they had been staying in Shella village, Lamu.

Omar rushed his girlfriend to hospital but she died five days later while being treated at the Nairobi Hospital.

The 51-year old Lamu resident is being held at a local police station awaiting the DCI to complete investigations . He has already spent 11 out of the 21 days that the courts allowed the police.

A DCI detective had indicated that part of their investigation was to analyse Omar Lali's blood samples but the suspect on Thursday told the media that no blood samples had been collected from his body.


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