A clinician attached to the Dr Osur Hospital in Kajiado County is the latest Kenyan health practitioner to succumb to Covid-19.

Dr Omar Said passed away on Monday morning, just moments after speaking to his close friends.

The medic from Kibra Constituency had barely spent a week at the Nairobi Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before his demise.

"He contracted SARS-COV-2 recently in the line of duty attending to his patients in Kajiado, and was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital few days ago with severe COVID-19 affecting his lungs.

"Despite his critical condition he still managed to communicate to us his colleagues from Kibra, asking for prayers and preparing us for the eventuality knowing his situation, even sending us his photo while in isolation in ICU on high-flow oxygen - all along knowing he was bidding us farewell," one of his colleagues, Ahmed Kalebi stated.

Dr Omar Said
Dr Omar Said