Ndindi Nyoro shamed for complaining over police brutality

You're cries are none of our business - netizens tell Ndindi Nyoro

Ndindi Nyoro shamed for  complaining over police brutality

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro was served a dose of his own medicine after netizens bashed him for complaining about police brutality following Friday night incident where he and other MPs were teargassed as they demanded for Moses Kuria's release.

The MP took to Facebook to complain about how they were teargassed and some of their vehicles smashed inside Kilimani Police station by goons in police uniforms who were drunk.

"They have teargassed us ruthlessly and smashed some of our vehicles inside Kilimani Police Station as we tried to have them obey a court order on Hon Moses Kuria's release. Members of the press were not spared either. The fact that they keep referring to "orders from above" is telling. They unleashed goons in police uniforms who were all drunk. Most of our police officers are law abiding, friendly and cannot be used by these fellows. Which courts will they take Hon Kuria if they can't obey orders from the same courts like on this case and Miguna Miguna's case? Dark days are here with us. We are African and Africa is our Business.." Read Ndindi's post.

Netizens did not even pity him but went ahead to remind him of how he was a staunch Jubilee supporter and even concurred with the Government to deal ruthlessly with NASA supporters in 2017 and 2018.

They shamed him of crying to the same Government that he had once asked to change the constitution and even wondered what had changed over the years.

Below is how netizens reacted to his lamentations

Mwenda Mugwika Let Kuria enjoy the benevolent dictactorship that you have jointly been advocating for. I am now proud to be a Kenyan...teargas has been used equitably.

Vincent Mwangi I can still vividly remember when Ndindi Nyoro advised Uhuru Kenyatta to turn into a benevolent dictator in order to deal with the "troublesome" opposition. I can't believe I've just watched him lamenting how this government wants to "return" them to the dark days! Ndindi Nyoro please enjoy the taste of your own medicine

Charles Waga Point of may I know, Are you the same MP for Kiharu who once asked the president to suspend the Constitution and deal ruthlessly with NASA supporters? I stand to be corrected sir.

Hon Philip Mwangale Wanyama How does it feel? Two years ago you together with other likes of kuria thought teargas was imported with opposition name on it ...good luck and prepare for worst days ahead.. Viva!

Nick Arteta Did you move around Central region preaching TANO TENA? Did you vote twice in the past general election? If yes, your cries in none of my/our business.

David Daviel Wanyoike Uhuru is following your advice to be a dictator for once.. unluckily you happens to be among the specimens for testing how dictatorship works...what you wished for odm is slowly hunting you...mchimba kaburi huingia mwenyewe....


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