Murkomen’s ‘evidence’ on dams scandal backfires badly

DCI asked to go after Murkomen

Kipchumba Murkomen’s blasted for tweeting wrong photo on "stalled" Thwake dam project

Senator Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Thursday evening tweeted himself into ridicule after he attempted to downplay the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal by making reference to another dam project in Thwake, Makueni.

Murkomen tweeted a photo of what was supposed to show the site project for the Sh64 billion project.

The Senator attempted to show that the site was a bush with no activity taking place despite Sh7.8 billion having been paid for the project.

He went on to accuse the DCI of discrimination for conducting criminal investigations on the Arror and Kimwarer dams which are yet to kick off – two years after an advance payment was made.

However, the purported evidence tweeted by Murkomen backfired against him as several Kenyans, led by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior blasted him for using a fake photo that was not at the site of Thwake dam.

Other netizens went ahead to share actual photos of the Thwake Dam project site which showed the ground work was well past the initial stages.

Athi River and Thwake River

I am embarrassed to inform you that picture on your post is not the site of the dam . The Thwake dam is at the confluence of two rivers - Athi River and Thwake River . I thought you should know,” Kilonzo tweeted.

Stop lying, I was there last week and i saw some construction work going on even @SenMutula can confirm,” Mike stated.

Thwake Dam is a 50km dam cutting across Kitui, Machakos & Makueni county contracted to the Chinese. It is bigger than anything I have seen in my short existence. So, either your sources are wrong or you have decided to become a petty learned 'lowman!” Brian Mulwa responded.

Other Kenyans castigated the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator for pointing fingers at other projects without first explaining the scandal in his own county.

Wacha tumalizane na Arror and Kimwarer fast. If you have new evidence of misappropriation on Thwake Dam please fika Karura since Za Arror ziko huko imabakia tu kamata kamata,” Kenya West advised.

As long as you steal in a country called kenya" would be more appropriate . Don't you agree?” comedian Njugush complained.

Progress in Thwake Dam

"I looted funds meant for Aror and Kimwarer dam,but look,am not the only one,stop targeting me alone"....ngoma ino!” Pius Kinuthia wrote on Twitter.

Your making me remember when we were boys we used to steal sugar when my brother is caught he could say, I did not eat the sugar alone, we ate together. So you agree billions of money has been misappropriated? @DCI_Kenya please investigate this guy he knows more,” Bigfish said.

The development came a day after members of the National Assembly’s Committee on Environment, Water and Natural Resources on Tuesday went to the site on a fact-finding mission.

MPs noted that although about 15 percent of the project was complete, the contractor needed to fastrack the process to recover time lost through delayed compensation process for land owners in the area. 


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