Kirinyaga County

The county can be divided into three ecological zones; the lowland areas, the midland areas and the highlands.

Its capital town is Kerugoya town. It has 3 Local Authorities (Municipal Council of Kerugoya, County Council of Kirinyaga, and Town Council of Sagana).  The county is home to the Mount Kenya within the Mount Kenya National Park a major tourist attraction.

Like most of neighbouring counties, agriculture is the backbone of Kirinyaga’s economy with a  mix of agro and livestock farming.

Mount Kenya Forest/National reserve covers a large part of the county and is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. It is also a major tourist attraction.

The large labour force has made the county highly productive and major contributor to the national economy. A leverage that gives the county good prospects for further growth.

A number of financial institutions have set up in the county to take advantage of the growing trade, commercial and services sector.


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