Kirinyaga Governor drops "Waiguru" name, here are the names you should use from today

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Governor Anne Waiguru outside the Supreme Court/ courtesy

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Kamotho has dropped the name Waiguru that has hitherto been popular used as her brand identity in politics and public service.

The recently married Governor made the announcement after journalists sought clarification on how they should address her following her marriage to city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

"You can call me Mumbi, Anne Mumbi, Anne Mumbi Kamotho, minji minji is also fine," the Kirinyaga county boss said.

She promised to issue an official statement after deciding on her new formal name.

The Governor has previously used the surname Waiguru which she borrowed from her ex-husband.

She continued to use the distinct name even after divorcing from lawyer Tony Waiguru, in the same way that Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathai continued to use her surname after her divorce.

However, Anne's marriage to Waiganjo brought in a new paradigm as Kikuyu culture requires wives to use their husband's first name as their surname.

This is in spite of the fact that a politician's name has an effect on their brand marketability.

Some male politicians have in the past had a legal change of names to make their names more memorable to voters.


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