Anne Waiguru in heated exchange with Jubilee vice chair David Murathe

Murathe offers to give up seat to Waiguru

David Murathe (L) and Anne Waiguru (R)

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru was on Saturday involved in a heated exchange with embattled Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe.

Trouble started with the Kirinyaga governor calling for fresh elections to replace Jubilee party leadership and avert a fallout in the wake of remarks by Murathe that the party has no binding agreement with DP William Ruto to support him in 2022.

Murathe went on the rampage, pointing out Waiguru’s unfamiliarity with party constitution and volunteering his position to the governor.

Taking to Twitter, Murathe wrote: "Please acquaint yourself with the party Constitution Article 33 (5) on the transition clause. Tuju retires in 2020. The operative word is "shall"".

"Unless you want to amend the party Constitution. Mine, you can have on a silver platter even tomorrow. Join the rabid attack dogs," he added.

Waiguru calls for fresh party elections in Jubilee

Waiguru had faulted Murathe for making the statement, arguing that statements made on behalf of the party should be made by elected party officials who "in fact represent the views of the Jubilee party as a whole."

Her post on Twitter read that "The Jubilee Party, therefore, needs leadership that has a legitimate mandate and the people’s support.

"The Jubilee Party is the Ruling Party of The Republic of Kenya. The party must therefore always demonstrate unity of purpose and exhibit its undivided support for the Big Four Agenda, accelerated development and enhancement of devolution for the welfare of Kenyans," She added.

Murathe stirs Jubilee, DP Ruto’s allies up in arms

On 26th December, Murathe attracted the wrath of DP Ruto’s allies after he stated that President Kenyatta and DP Ruto had already served the government for two terms and therefore should retire together.

Murathe maintained that the Kikuyu community did not have a Memorandum of Understanding with anyone regarding the 2022 succession, making it clear that the party has no binding agreement with DP Ruto to support him in 2022.

However, he got support from Veteran politician Maina Kamanda who defended him stating that his statement represents the views of a majority of Jubilee party politicians.

Let those condemning Mr Murathe stop because what he said is what majority of jubilee party members are saying silently when you speak to them.

"When the right time comes, we will say the same things Mr Murathe has said but for now let us just focus on the unity of the country,” Mr Kamanda said.


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