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Residents of Kitusuru sends urgent request to Governor Sonko

Here is what the residents are requesting from the Governor

The residents are requesting the governor to shut down a newly built car wash and a bar alleging that it was “built illegally”.

The two structures located at the Kitisuru and Peponi road junction were allegedly put up two months ago.


According to the resident who have filed a petition at the Governor office, the two structures are dangerous and therefore they should be shut down immediately.

Under the City County Development Ordinances and Zones, Kitisuru, Gigiri and Ridgeways falls under Low Density Residential Development and such structures are not supposed to be established in private residence.

“This commercial activity poses insecurity. Thugs are likely to use this location to monitor residents who enter and exit the estate at all times. There will be obstruction of motorists and other road users,” reads the petition.

The Residents added that water from the car wash area is directly drained into the nearby Gethathuru River, thus posing a health risk.


Further, the joint is said to play loud music during odd hours


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