Kenyans on Twitter failed at shaming football star Victor Wanyama into taking up charity work like retired Ivorian professional footballer Didier Drogba.

Photos surfaced online of a hospital alleged to have been built by Drogba and some Kenyans took the opportunity to shame Wanyama asking why he had not done anything for his country.

However, their rants would soon be shut down by other tweeps who reminded them that it was not Wanyama’s business to construct hospitals and classrooms as they had elected a government to undertake these functions.

Hospital Didier Drogba constructed in Abidjan
Hospital Didier Drogba constructed in Abidjan

Demand better from government

Others challenged the faction that was criticizing Wanyama to be vocal and demand such infrastructure from the government as they were Wanyama.

Kot reminded the Tweeps criticizing Wanyama that their elected leaders and civil servants were taking the biggest chunk of national revenues with salaries.

Government scandals were also not left out of the discussion with some tweeps reminding Kenyans that they had elected a corrupt government that saw billions of shillings stolen in phantom projects.

This money, KOT argued could have been used to boost the infrastructure that they were demanding Wanyama take up as a charity.

Here are some of the tweets