Travel ban issued to 29 over Ksh 9.2 billion tax scam

Nowhere to run to

Travel ban issued to 29 over Ksh 9.2 billion tax scam

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has issued orders stopping 29 people from exiting the country over Ksh 9.2 billion tax evasion claims.

Dadid Yego, the authority’s Commissioner for Investigation and Enforcement, told the Sunday Nation that the 29 who include 16 Kenyans and 13 foreigners, owed KRA more than Sh9.2 billion shillings.

The commissioner has the power to issue Departure Prohibition Orders (DPOs) in respect of taxes collectable as a debt to the government as envisaged under Section 45 of the Tax Procedures Act. DPOs have been instrumental in dealing with taxpayers who are a flight risk,” said Mr Yego.

Mr Yego went ahead to point that the orders issued had the potential to disrupt travel until the outstanding taxes were paid or reasonable arrangements were made to facilitate the payment.

Once this is done, the commissioner may revoke the orders,” he said.

even though the 29 persons owe KRA Sh9.2 billion, the exact amount may not be known, because there are instances where investigations are still ongoing or cases are pending before the Tax Appeals Tribunals for determination of taxes due”.

The 29 businesses are in diverse sectors, including alcohol and beverage, construction, mobile and computer accessories, sports tourism, manufacturing, and cooking gas distribution.


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