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Life for Sarah Wairimu Cohen after leaving Lang'ata Women's Prison [Photos]

Wairimu faces life without wealthy businessman Tob Cohen

Life for Sarah Wairimu Cohen after leaving Lang'ata Women's Prison [Photos]

Tob Cohen’s embattled wife, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho who is accused of the gruesome murder of the Dutch millionaire was released from Lang'ata Women's Prison on Friday, 11 October 2019 to begin a new life.

Sarah was pictured leaving the prison in the company of her father Japheth Kamotho and other close relatives shortly after complying to court orders.

From the life at the luxurious Kitusuru home valued at 400 Million which she shared with her murdered husband, Sarah went to her parent’s humble home to pick up the pieces after her harrowing ordeal which saw her spend 46 days at the correctional facility.

Left with limited options, Sarah father (Mr Kamotho) and other family members told the court they will offer her accommodation and assist her until her case is heard and determined.


Sarah left the hustle and bustle of city life, reportedly retreating to her parent’s home in Lanet, Nakuru to pick up the pieces and move on.

This was after Lady Justice Stella Mutuku issued strict orders that she should never to set foot at their Sh400m villa at Kitisuru.

It is no secret that during her marriage to Cohen that ended in death, Wairimu could afford the finest thigs in life that money could buy.

However, with the property, cash and assets bequethed to Cohen's close relations, it is likely that financial challenges will set in with a significant change in living standards.


Being a hard-working lady with assets of her on, Wairimu will have to work hard to rise to the top once again.

The embattled widow will also have to adjust to life without her husband with whom they had a rocky union with allegations of violence, divorce and tussle for the control of millions surfacing.

Facing Cohen's friends and the battle for millions

With one of Cohen’s closest friends accusing her for the murder, things will definitely not be the same for Sarah until the truth on who murdered Cohen will be known.

Most notable is her strained relationship former Gatundu MP Patrick Muiruri who was one of Cohen’s confidants.


“Sarah is condemned, the law will take its own course. If she murdered for Cohen’s property like this (the Kitusuru home) she is not going to get it.” Muiruri told the press shortly after Cohen’s remains were found.

 “On the night he was murdered I talked to him for 15 minutes. He was very concerned about his life… I was reminded of what he told me that in case of anything, my disappearance or my body being found anywhere, Sarah is responsible”. He added.

She will also most likely make a come-back to court to challenge Cohen’s will that left her with nothing.

Shortly after the will was read, Wairimu,through her lawyer Philip Murgor, Wairimu revealed that she will move to court in a bid to secure her share of the vast empire.


“We will contest that will if it affects the rights of Sarah and her share of their matrimonial home” Murgor told KTN even as it emerged that Sarah had left empty-handed.

Part of what she will be eyeing is the matrimonial home in the leafy suburbs of Kitusuru which was reportedly handed over to Cohen’s sister.


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