President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday amused members of parliament with a play on the "Canaan" political analogy popularized by his handshake partner Raila Odinga.

While delivering his State of the Nation address, President Kenyatta encouraged Kenyans to read the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

The President went on to describe that just as Moses conveyed his vision of Canaan to the Israelites in the Bible, he similarly had a grand vision for Kenya.

"Like Moses in the Bible, who sat at the top of Mount Nebo and saw the future that the people of Israel were about to cross into the promised land, I too have seen our future.

"This, my fellow Kenyans, is what our future looks like. A Kenya where no one will ascend to a public office on account of their tribe. A Kenya where no capable person will wallow in poverty because of poor governance. A Kenya where our potential as a people will be exploited for the greatness of our country. A Kenya where we will all share equitably in the prosperity of our nation. I believe our future is bright, it is beckoning us and it is here for us. A future where indeed justice is our shield and defender," the President stated as MPs applauded.