List of 13 pieces of land that courts have found Mzee Moi to have grabbed

Reflecting on Moi's legacy

List of 13 pieces of land that courts have found Mzee Moi to have grabbed

Former President Daniel arap Moi led the country at a time where there was little regard for due process in allocation of public land to his cronies.

As the country reflects on his legacy, one of the dark phases that offers a lot of lessons is the blatant grabbing of public land at a time when the former President’s word was law.

Indeed, Deputy President William Ruto, while giving tribute to Moi - credited him for giving him a piece of public land in Eldoret, which the DP sold and used the proceeds to buy his first vehicle.

As a result of the chaotic land allocation programs, Mzee Moi spent a significant part of his retirement in courts where dozens of people sued him and his company for grabbing both private and public land. established that there are at least 13 pieces of land which the courts have found Mzee Moi to have grabbed from the public and subsequently ordered the late President to return the land to the rightful owners.

53-acre piece of land in Eldoret

In 2019, the High Court ordered Moi to pay Ksh.1.06 billion as compensation for illegally acquiring 53 acres of land belonging to an 81-year-old widow, Susan Cheburet Chelugui.

4 pieces in Eldoret town

In April, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) successfully convinced the High Court to cancel titles to four pieces of land that were illegally grabbed by Lima Ltd - a company co-owned by Moi.

The EACC was allowed to recover the four pieces of land in Eldoret town and were meant for construction of a High Court station, district hospital, fire station and Administration Police camp.

Kabarak Ranch

In October 2013, Moi lost a long-running battle over ownership of a 100-acre farm where he built Moi High School Kabarak.

The former President’s neighbor, Malcolm Bell, successfully convinced the courts that the land was grabbed from him.

The ranch borders the late President’s private home where he will be laid to rest on Wednesday.

7 pieces owned by Eldoret

Nine years ago in 2010, Moi’s company, Lima Ltd, lost seven pieces of land in a case where the Eldoret Municipal Council won a court case allowing it to repossess 43 pieces of land irregularly grabbed by various individuals.

The 43 parcels of land also included a town house on plot number Block 8/574 that had been occupied by the then Eldoret North MP William Ruto.

There are tens of other cases that are still stuck in court while several others await the implementation of the Ndung’u Land report that named Moi and five of children as irregular beneficiaries of various pieces of public land.


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