5 items that are now cheaper for every Kenyan

Pocket-friendly during tough financial times

A customer hands over money to a vendor

A monthly report from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), however, has given Kenyans a glimmer of hope as it outlined some of the items that have become cheaper in that financially brutal month.

1. Electricity

Electricity had the highest drop in price in the month of November, a measure that Kenyans were most happy about.

From controversial inflated monthly electricity bills that rose as high as Sh1,104.99 per 50 KW/h, the price dropped by 31% to Sh 757.72.

2. Sugar & Maize Flour

After a year-long battle with ‘mercury sugar’ and ugali more expensive than cakes, Kenyans can finally enjoy the Christmas holidays with their favourite treats.

The price of maize flour continued to drop in November, 1 kg is now going for an average of Sh34.25 while a 1 kg bag of sugar is retailing at an average of Sh125, down from almost Sh130.

3. Vegetables

Your ‘mama mboga’ may not have reduced the price of onions but rest assured that she is buying them at a much lower price than she was in October.

Cabbages, onions and carrots all recorded a drop in price through the month at 4.4%, 2.9% and 0.5 % respectively. A 1kg cabbage head is retailing at the average of Sh 40.

4. Hotels and Restaurants

Hard to believe, but numbers don’t lie.

It's probable that the ongoing holiday offers have something to do with the marginal drop in the price of accommodation and recreation by 0.01%.

5. Whatsapp on Airtel

When crazy Kenyans are out to exploit you, Airtel is out to help you enjoy the holidays without holding back.

Airtel is offering Whatsapp for absolutely free, now that’s the real definition of pocket-friendly.

Chat all through the month through the #ChatSare offers where, ​for as little as Sh500, you can enjoy uninterrupted conversations absolutely free on WhatsApp all day and all night in addition to a 6GB bundle on 4G internet.

The main differentiator of the free WhatsApp offering by Airtel is that it doesn’t eat into your bundles as experienced by other offerings of their competitors.

That way, your bundles last longer even for other channels.

The WhatsApp offering also does not throttle when one’s data is depleted. This means that you still enjoy great speeds while accessing WhatsApp even after their bundle is over.


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