Mysterious Cop “Blackest Widow" releases List of Most Notorious thugs in Nairobi

The mysterious officers have been championing for change under the slogan "Kureform ndio form."

In a Facebook Post share in “Dandora Crime Free” the police officer asked the 14 people mentioned in the post to change their ways or else face to full force of the law.

“Niruhusini niwache hii register hapa... Kama jina lako liko hapa, kijana badilika...(Dandora to K-South). Gorilla(from Korogocho), Murege, Salgado, Bilal, Bashir, Buda msee, Kerofe mzing, Kevo mportmore, Messi, Mculture mportmore, Rooney, Zola mdede, Kamorrey, Maich aka Striker”

He added those mentioned in the post know themselves and therefore they should change for the better.

“Mimi na juwa jeshi ni ya serikali pekee...izi jeshi zingine ningetaka sana tusemezane mawili matatu...(Dandora to K-South)


If you are a member of the above groups, nimekusalimia sana. Me and know the army is only the government... these people I want so much let us talk to two three... (Dandora to k-South)”.

Hessy wa Dandora and Blackest Widow are among police officers who have been championing the call for change under the slogan “Kureform Ndio Form”.

The police officers have also been helping reformed convicts from the infamous Gaza Gang to live a crime free and more productive life.


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