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Citizen TV reporter goes undercover inside Nairobi's 'mchele' operation [Video]

Citizen TV's Ben Kirui was able to uncover how the mchele operation is executed on unsuspecting clubgoers

Citizen TV's Ben Kirui speaks to a reformed woman who was involved in spiking revellers' drinks

Citizen TV has released an undercover feature in which TV reporter Ben Kirui sheds light on the activities of the drink spiking gangs in Nairobi.

In the feature, Kirui roped in a reformed woman who had been involved in the criminal activity, in order to help get more information on the operations of ladies who are used to drug and rob unsuspecting men in entertainment joints.

The two were able to obtain the Dormicum drug through a vendor who is said to be a supplier of the tablet, whose purchase is supposed to be controlled by the government.


That drug is the best, if he is drunk it will work faster. If he is sober use two tablets. Go crush it into powder. If it doesn’t work fast enough then he might be sick.

Be careful because the drug reacts very quickly and if he is not drunk you can put even three tablets and he will sleep for three days, ” the local fixer was heard instructing the undercover informer on how to use the Sh50 tablets.

This showed that despite regulations, rogue medical practitioners allow some customers to access the drug without a prescription as required by the law.

Once in the wrong hands, the drug is then distributed for use by women who target wealthy-looking revellers in clubs across the city.

I did it for three years before I reformed…2018 to 2020. My first experience was at a club, it didn’t have CCTV cameras and was packed. Because the club had a lot of potential targets, my friend told me we would succeed,” the Citizen TV informer recalled.


She explained that for clubs with CCTV cameras, one needs to convince their target to leave with them and go to a secluded place a different club or lodging.

When you get to a private place such as a lodging or house you can spike their drink. After the small talk and a little romance, you can excuse yourself to shower as he continues drinking and that’s when the drugs kick in,” she continued.

After their target is knocked out cold, the ladies proceed to rob them of their valuables.

According to Dr Daniella Munene, the vice president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya, the drug not only causes drowsiness but takes away victims' ability to control their mental faculties.


You might be awake, you might be seeing what is happening but you have no control over your faculties. You can be led to go anywhere and can’t resist any attempts to harm or rape,” she explained.

Other than Dormicum, other drugs commonly used to drug victims include Rohypnol aka the date rape pill, Ketamine, and Scopolamine aka Devil’s Breath.

Devils’ Breath has been said to remove a person’s free will so that they give away very sensitive information upon request.

Its just blown in your face and you can’t remember anything for 2-24 hours. It is used for motion sickness, people who feel like vomiting when in a vehicle, ship or train. It is also used to prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery,” the Dr Daniella Munene said.


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