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CS Amina extends half-term breaks to Primary schools

The changes take affect next term.

The CS said on Tuesday that the move will enable learners and teachers refresh and rest. She added that the directive will take effect from third term, which is set to begin next month.

While the term is packed with various activities majorly the National examinations, the CS deemed necessary to have teachers take a rest as well as students.


The new announcement by the CS comes barely a week after she warned parents of children who end up changing their grades on their report cards, to reflect totally different scores

The fraud, hatched by poor-performing students and executed in cyber cafes with the help of techies, the CS said last week, targets gullible and unsuspecting parents.

This is how it goes: A student who scores a poor grade goes into the cyber, gets the report card scanned then edited in a vector graphics-editing software such as CorelDRAW.

With such a software, one is able to change scores without interfering with key credibility features such as school rubber stamps and teachers’ signatures.

From a dim D- (minus) awarded by teachers, one 'clever' fool can easily go home with a shining B+ (plus), thanks to technology.


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