Mysterious Eye-Witness in Nyeri Governor's accident arrested

The mystery man was seen on live TV claiming to have witnessed both the Nyeri Governor's accident and the Lake Nakuru accident.

He was arrested on Thursday night by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and taken to Nairobi for questioning.

Ngengi will be questioned on how he happened to be at the scene of the two high profile accidents.

Ngengi gave his eye-witness account to Citizen TV as he alleged to have been present during the whole tragedy.

According to him, he was also headed to Nairobi when the late Governor, who was being driven for an interview in the City, was involved in the deadly accident.

During the chopper crash, the peculiar eye-witness identified himself as a state pilot and friend to the deceased pilot Apollo Malowa.

In both instances he was donning his signature detective-like sunglasses.

However, when contacted by earlier this week, he claimed that he was not the same person at Lake Nakuru’s chopper accident.

“I have been told I look like so many people. Some even confuse me with former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga. Look at the person in the Nakuru chopper crash keenly, he is not me,” Ngengi told

He disclosed that he was a businessman, who imports goods and sell them locally.

IG Boinnet days ago said that investigations had been launched to establish whether he was a police officer.

Speaking in Mombasa port while commissioning surveillance boats, Mr. Boinnet highlighted that if he finds out he was an officer he would probe further on why he was at the two scenes.

“It is said that there is an individual who appeared in both accident scenes. It is claimed that he is a police officer. I will find out if it is true he is an officer or not. If yes, then I will be interested in knowing what he was doing at those two scenes,”  Boinnet said.


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