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Dispute between State House SFO & Pauline Njoroge turns personal

What started as a dispute on the use of Chat GPT turned into personal accusations, pitting State House SFO Sam Terriz against Pauline Njoroge

A collage of State House SFO Sam Terriz and Pauline Njoroge

Azimio digital strategist Pauline Njoroge clashed with Sam Terriz, the Senior Film Officer at the State House in a heated public spat on Twitter.

The war of words started after Pauline Njoroge criticised the State House film officer for using ChatGPT to draft posts for social media.

So now the State House social media team has resulted to ChatGPT to write posts for them on some very obvious matters?” she questioned.

"Those who are trying to defend this let me ask you a question. A government makes a decision, but can’t explain it and has to rely on AI to help its officials explain to the public what that decision means. What does that tell us about that government?" Pauline added.


What started as criticism quickly escalated into a personal feud, after a response by Terriz, the author of the post highlighted by Pauline.

Terriz warned Njoroge not to make it personal and threatened to expose her personal information.

He claimed to possess confidential and classified information about Ms Njoroge, stating that he could reveal her secrets.


Terriz went on to mention his capability of employing ChatGPT to unearth more details about her.

The exchange intensified as Terriz accused Njoroge of relying on others to draft her social media posts.

"You may have once believed you were the queen of English, but remember the days when others used to type texts for you, forwarding them for you to post. You know exactly who I'm referring to," he said.

A section of Kenyans who commented on the post said the heated confrontation between Njoroge and Terriz was an example of a dispute that had spilt into the public sphere, with the potential of damaging reputations.



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