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DP Ruto’s tweet causes confusion hours after declaring support for BBI amendment

The DP had earlier on declared support for part of the amendment on BBI constitutional amendment Bill

Deputy President William Ruto (Courtesy)

Deputy President William Ruto’s Saturday afternoon tweet has caused more confusion hours after he declared support for an amendment made to the Building Bridges Initiative constitutional amendment Bill.

In his tweet, the DP called out a local daily that reported that he had made a BBI U-turn after saying that the amendment had taken care of the Hustler’s needs.

DP Ruto cautioned that people should stop rushing into conclusions over what decision he has made.

He went on to say that he had received feedback from Kenyans from all walks of life, adding that the rage of political brokers desperate to make money out of the BBI referendum is making a divisive referendum apparent.


DP Ruto noted that the possibility of a non-contested referendum is a nightmare to the political brokers.

Rush NOT to CONCLUSIONS or pretense to PROPHECY. I’ve received OVERWHELMING FEEDBACK (All shades) from Kenyans. ASANTE. The FURY of political MERCHANTS desperate to ENCASH (Like they did COVID19) A DIVISIVE referendum is shockingly EVIDENT. Possibility of CONSENSUS is their NIGHTMARE,” tweeted William Ruto.

The Deputy President pointed out that together with President Uhuru Kenyatta, they have worked on improving the BBI document, and are now working on a consensus for Kenyans to have real choices to chose from.

Ruto added that they have avoided a lose-lose situation, and they can achieve a win-win agreement.


"I've CONSTITUTIONAL duty to assist my boss, the PRESIDENT. We've made IMPROVEMENTS to BBI post bomas. Now working on CONSENSUS for Kenyans to have REAL CHOICES to decide/vote while avoiding yes/no, all/nothing DIVISION. We avoided lose-lose we can overcome win-lose to achieve WIN-WIN," added the DP.

On Friday, Deputy President William Ruto insinuated that he might have had a change of heart, after he declared support for some of the changes made to the BBI constitutional amendment bill.

NEW article 11A in the BBI Constitution bill INTRODUCED AFTER Bomas will ANCHOR the ORDINARY PEOPLES' Hustler economics of wheelbarrow, boda×2, mama mboga, pastoralists/butchers & GUARANTEED MINIMUM RETURNS on coffee, tea, korosho, sukari, maize. BOTTOM UP NOT TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS,” read William Ruto’s tweet.


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