How to write an irresistible CV without work experience

You will easily get a job when your CV looks like this......

Many job applications require work experience of 2 years and above. This leaves fresh graduates from college at a disadvantage.

Therefore you have to get creative and know the winning points that will make your CV irresistible.

Social Media.

Experts encourage applicants to have a very strong, professional social media presence. Websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter could land you the next job if you maintain a distinctively unique and professional profile.

Posts like “a boring day at work” or “I am so glad am out of work” will automatically make the one reviewing your CV strike it out.

Your profile should have a photo of you to give the reviewers a feel of who you are. Smile so that it elicits a warm reception by the Human Resource agent.

Ensure that you indicate your social media profiles on your contact areas in the CV.

Customize the CV to the needs of the job

Human resource experts recommend that you should not send one general CV for many job applications. Instead, as they say, you should suit the CV to the specific requirements of the job. Address keywords that have been indicated in the job opening.

Build a portfolio

It is highly advisable that you build a portfolio of your own with what you have. A good example is writing a blog on your area of expertise. You can give good consultative advice. You can also start a Youtube channel where you showcase your expertise in doing things like coding, anchoring news and many others.

This brings you out as a self-driven person who is on the go. It could also add to your work experience.

Include some of your portfolio in the CV clearly.


Hopeful job applicants should ensure that they are not idle. They should apply for internships and volunteer positions so that they show the employer that they are active in the job market. Being idle for a long time makes the employer think that you may not possess the required skills for the workplace.

Always indicate any internships that you participated in when you were in Campus. If there are areas in which you utilized your skills maybe for a friend or family include them in the CV. Show how it succeeded.

When you finish an internship, fill it as work experience in the CV.


Indicate your achievements over time. If you were in a leadership position or you accomplished something that would interest the employer be careful to indicate them. This would establish confidence from the reviewer that you are a goal-oriented person. It will prove that you follow through till you get results.

Point out your past achievements just after the work experience area in your CV


What skills did you earn when you were learning or practicing your career in attachments? Write them in your CV. Analyze the kind of skills that the job opening requires and show that you possess them.

Skills such as self-control, paying attention to details, command of power point, good communication skills, able to speak in public, able to interact with different people and many other skills.

Prioritize on indicating skills that are mostly required by the advertised job vacancy.

In the CV, include your skills as part of additional information about you.


According to experts, any certificates that you have gained for short courses should be included in your winning CV. Short courses like Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, Personal financial management courses, Leadership courses and even foreign languages.

These courses give you an added advantage over other applicants for the same job.

Give the details of the certificates you have acquired as a sub-topic after the educational background section in the CV.

Grammar and Spelling

The CV should not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Any such mistakes will immediately disqualify you as a competent candidate for the job.

The sentences should be creatively done so as to hook your reader upon reading the first sentence. Ensure that they do not get bored in the midst of reviewing the CV.

Be presentable

The CV should be very presentable and attractive for the eye to behold. It should be neat and well-arranged such that it will be easy to locate what the employer needs from your CV.

The reviewer will be hooked and be forced to read it.


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