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The truth about the man who was 'circumcised by Nairobi Business Community'

Netizens were angerd by the fake news from this controversial personality

More netizens have taken to their social media to share vivid pictures and videos of the ongoing demonstrations.

This has seen an influx of fake news spreading all over social media.

Such as is the case with a current picture shared by controversial blogger Robert Alai of a man who is alleged to have been forcefully circumcised in broad day light.


The picture of a young man blood all over his legs went viral on many social media groups after one France Kcaru took to Facebook share the pictures under the caption, “During the Demonstrations, he was caught up and circumcised.”

Another said, “Yes. At least now Nairobi business community has made one luo a man.”

This was unfortunately met with a variety of reactions where some rejoiced over the man’s injuries while others were humanely horrified by the barbaric act.

However, through a simple reverse search on google, one vigilant Kenyan put Robert Alai and the rest of the people spreading the unwarranted fake news to shame.


The picture was not taken in Kenya. It is from a year back in Nigeria when the man was indeed castrated in a market.

The Kenyan Government waged war against online hate speech with laws being created to limit Freedom of Speech within it's own liberating nature. The issue of expression in the Kenyan Constitution enshrines the freedom of speech but directs propaganda for war, incitement to violence, hate speech, advocacy of hatred, discrimination, ethnic incitement, vilification of others, and incitement to cause harm.

So far over ten Whatsapp group leaders and private individuals have been arrested and arraigned in court over sharing such content.


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