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Ex-Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan graces nephew's wedding in Embu [Photos]

Former Nigerian President Jonathan was ceremoniously welcomed by Embu elders, led by their spokesperson & former Runyenjes MP, Njeru Kathangu

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan attends nephew's Ruracio in Embu on Saturday, August 12, 2023. ( Photo courtesy - Citizen Digital )

The Izaak Walton Hotel in Embu town was filled with excitement and festivity as former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan graced the traditional wedding ceremony of his nephew on August 12.

The event brought the hotel to a standstill as the esteemed guest of honor arrived in style.

The celebrations commenced right at the hotel's entrance, where traditional Embu mufu drummers eagerly awaited the arrival of the former Nigerian President.


Amidst the rhythmic beats, Mr. Jonathan was ceremoniously welcomed by Embu elders, led by their spokesperson and former Runyenjes MP, Njeru Kathangu.

The customs of the traditional marriage were set in motion as the gathering paid homage to the age-old traditions.

With due reverence to the traditions, the Embu elders performed customary rituals to mark the significance of the occasion.

These rituals set the tone for the joyful festivities that lay ahead. The celebration was further enriched by the presence of Mr. Jonathan, who demonstrated his respect for the customs by participating in the rituals.


The groom, Jude Barristo, awaited his bride with anticipation. As per tradition, Joy Wanjiru, the bride, arrived draped in a leso.

A customary test of recognition ensued, where the groom had to identify his bride from a group of six women.

With a keen eye and a heart full of love, Jude Barristo successfully pinpointed his bride, Joy Wanjiru, within an impressive three-minute span.


Guests at the ceremony were treated to a delightful amalgamation of Nigerian and Kenyan cultural elements, which infused the celebration with a unique and vibrant spirit.

Former President Jonathan, who attended the ceremony on behalf of the groom’s father, expressed gratitude for the unity and kinship that the event symbolized.

He vowed to reciprocate the care shown by Embu by looking after their daughter, thereby strengthening the bonds of family and unity.


The groom and bride, Jude Barristo and Joy Wanjiru, chose to renew their vows in the rich tapestry of Kiembu traditions. This gesture underscored their commitment to heritage and cultural values.


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