Former presidential candidate Abduba Dida caught up in messy divorce

"He has been calling me a prostitute"

Estail has filed the divorce case before the Kadhi’s court, seeking Sh12 million as alimony, which she calculates at the rate of Sh100,000 per month for the entire period of their 10-year marriage.

Dida, who campaigned on a platform of upholding morality in every sphere of Kenyan life, has been accused of verbal and physical abuse, as well as cruelty and disrespect to his wife.

The Nairobian reported part of Estail’s divorce pleadings where she claimed that he husband had repeatedly referred to her as an adulterer and a prostitute.

"That the petitioner is psychologically affected by the respondent’s abusive language for instance calling her a prostitute and a big liar. That the respondent has been constantly abusive and showed violent behaviour towards the petitioner and this has had negative impact towards the petitioner and the marriage,” she told the Islamic court.

“As a Muslim I’m entitled to marry four but I’m married to three. One is Amina, a banker, the other, Estail, works with the World Health Organisation and there’s Rukia who is a housewife. One of my wives takes care of the family finance, one takes care of secretarial work in these campaigns, and one takes care of the children,” Dida said.


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